Half century at Marlins

23rd January 2011 saw a significant milestone in the history of Long Marston Cricket Club. It was on this day in 1961 that the trust deeds for the ground were signed by four members of the club, securing the transfer of Marlins field to LMCC.

In the late 50’s and early 60’s the club had been seeking out a large enough plot of land locally to use for cricketing purposes. During this time the club had been playing on a coconut mat placed over a concrete strip in the middle of the current recreation ground. A chance overheard conversation in the local pub was followed up immediately and it became apparent that the plot of land known as Marlins Field in Cheddington Lane could be purchased from the Reverend Anthony.

The first big stumbling block was trying to find the £40 required to cover the 10% deposit. Voluntary contributions and the generosity of some of the existing committee members secured the deposit, and as they say, the rest is history.

The subsequent development of Marlins was funded in the main by weekly bingo sessions run by club members at Long Marston Village Hall and much later at Marlins once the club house had been built. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of our club, two social events are planned for the coming year.

Firstly on Friday 6 th May (Friday night was always bingo night) Bingo will return to Marlins and it is hoped to recreate in a one off bingo session some of the atmosphere and amusement these sessions provided. Another major source of fund raising was frequent Cheese and Wine evenings and work is under way to arrange a similar evening towards the end of our 50th season at Marlins.

The new season will soon be upon us and we are proud to announce that in addition to the regular three day county game and the two day development match, the club has been awarded back to back competitive matches in the ECB Trophy. On Wednesday 29th June the Minor Counties Cricket Association (MCCA) national side will take on Leicestershire 2 nd XI and on the following day the same MCCA side will play against Nottinghamshire 2 nd XI. Both games will start at midday, are 50 overs a side and have to end in a result. We are honoured to be asked to host these games. Please make a note for your diary as these two days promise to provide superb entertainment and quality cricket.

Cherwell league fixtures start at Marlins on 7th May.

by Paul Dumpleton

This article is an extract from previous issue of the Village News. Any mention to events in the article have probably long since passed and are for information only.

Village News March 2011

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