The Age of Revolutions 1714-1815
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‘The Story of Wilstone’
A review of John Painter’s extraordinary book
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Finding Paradise in Wilstone
Playing by the canal and watching boats go by
The Glassers Interview
The Saviour of Puttenham Church
Joan Newman stands out as a character and a benefactor to Puttenham
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Beaujolais Nouveau Day
How Father Christmas, Balloons and a Helicopter came to Puttenham
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Gubblecote, Puttenham, Astrope, Wilstone & Long Marston
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Book Reviews

A Short History of Wilstone by A.R. Gomm

There is good news and bad news with regard to this review. The good news is that the book is available in digital form on the Internet; the bad news is that this makes a fully considered review more difficult because it is not possible to see the book bound, in colour and complete form. This is in contrast to our earlier review of John Painter’s beautifully presented book on the same subject.

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Long Marston History - even further back in time

Our previous interviews with The Winfields, Eunice Hall and Neil Dean led us to enquire whether there was anyone who could remember even further back, providing insights into what Long Marston was like before the second world war.

Everyone was of the same view, that there was only one person who could go back that far and that was Don Winfield. So after a quick phone call, we went to his house on Bromley, uncertain what to expect…

Parish Papers (Village News) Archives

From 1939 to the 50s and from 2005 onwards when the Village News went full digital. Available to download in PDF format.

The latest issues can always be downloaded from www.wilstone.me.uk

New Articles

Tring c 1900

Tales of my Grandfather

Last Autumn Teresa and I attended a fund raising talk showing recently discovered photographs. Tring’s local history exhibition was the target. A local politician was the speaker. The photographs were wonderful, but the jokey, sarcastic remarks about Tring families got very irritating. In fact I had to have a word.

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Scoop Magazine

‘Scoop’ was the magazine published by the children at Long Marston school, every term, in the 1940s. We have obtained copies of the magazine which provides an insight into the effects of the bombing of the school as well as the thoughts from children that were evacuated from London to Long Marston during the war.

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Tring Rural History

This website has been developed on the initiative of Tring Rural Parish Council, to enable all residents of our villages to have the opportunity to find out more about our history. It has been created by a number of interested villagers working on a voluntary basis, putting together information from a variety of sources.

Evolving Process

We see this as an evolving process, starting in the first instance with a timeline of the most important events in our village histories since the beginning of the First World War in 1914. We hope to extend this foundation in two ways; firstly by creating links to pictures, articles and other websites and secondly by going back to previous periods of history, ultimately as far back as Roman times.

How you can help...

The other way in which we hope the website content will evolve is via the feedback of as many villagers as possible, either to add to the timeline or to challenge us to prove that we have got it right. We would also like any pictures or articles which can be added to those we have already found.

Keep up-to-date

The website will be strongly linked to the Village News, to which we will be submitting articles on our history, based on interviews with villagers, which will also feature on this website. We will also ask the editors to inform villagers when significant updates to the website are taking place.

Send in your photos, stories, documents and we’ll get them added!