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The History of Puttenham – A Savage Review

This is a review of a book that was published 85 years ago and has almost certainly never been reviewed before. It was written by a man who was a leading character in Long Marston during World War II and the years before and after. He was the Headmaster of Long Marston School, Gordon Savage.

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A Short History of Wilstone by A.R. Gomm

There is good news and bad news with regard to this review. The good news is that the book is available in digital form on the Internet; the bad news is that this makes a fully considered review more difficult because it is not possible to see the book bound, in colour and complete form. This is in contrast to our earlier review of John Painter’s beautifully presented book on the same subject.

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Secret Squadrons of the Eighth by Pat Carty

This is the first of a number of book reviews to be posted on; yet another example of our desire to share local history. The reviews are intended both to share knowledge and to encourage others to read the chosen books.

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