Wartime Tragedy

1943 - They were coming back from the Cattle Market in Aylesbury in foggy conditions. Three senior members of long term farming families in Long Marston and Puttenham.

There names were Tom Chapman, William Newman and Joe Gregory. Their car crashed and Chapman and Newman were killed instantly. Gregory was badly injured and was in a coma for three weeks.

The Aftermath

Joe Gregory survived and was cared for by a Welsh nurse named Sylvia who later became his wife.

The Newman family had to sell their farm after William’s death but his daughter Joan remained in contact with Puttenham and became a leading friend and benefactor to the village of Puttenham for many years.

Tom Chapman’s son, also Tom, grew up to become a much loved and valued character in Long Marston village life. As Chairman he led a revitalisation of the Horti Society and the Village Show in the 1970s and 80s.

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