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'Scoop' was the magazine published by the children at Long Marston school, every term, in the 1940s. We have obtained copies of the magazine which provides an insight into the effects of the bombing of the school as well as the thoughts from children that were evacuated from London to Long Marston during the war.

The two copies of Scoop magazine were kindly given to us by Long Marston School.

“It has hit the school”

The first copy providesd accounts from the children at the school on the day of the bombing. It includes recollections by Don Winfield who we interviewed a couple of months ago. Other names that appear in the magazine include Thompson, Bignell, Plumeridge, Forrester and Jeffs. To read this copy click here.

“Very quiet after being in London”

The second magazine gives a fascinating insight into what London evacuees thought of our village as they were evacuated here during the war, the majority of whom appeared to like living in Long Marston and attending the school, whether that was at the Baptist Chapel or the Vicarage opposite the church.

It also has accounts from residents in Long Marston at the time and how the village changed with a sudden influx of children who came from Hampstead and Chiswick. To learn about the evacuees in this issue of Scoop magazine, click here.

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