Kelly’s Post Office Directory

These are a few extracts from the entry for Tring in Kelly’s directory:


Tring is a parish, market town and polling place for the County. It has a railway station a mile and three quarters from the town in the parish of Aldbury. The parish of Tring contains 7390 acres and has a rateable value of £20849. The population in 1871 was 5076 including Long Marston and Wilstone, only 3283 in the town.

Little Tring and Tring Grove

These are both hamlets. Little Tring contains the Grand Junction Canal Waterworks and has the highest water level in England, 405 feet above the sea, a trifle higher than the summit of St Paul’s, London.

Long Marston

Long Marston is a hamlet and ecclesiastical parish, formed in 1867, partly in Buckinghamshire, partly in Herts, near the Aylesbury Railway and Canal. Passengers on the railway are taken up and set down at Long Marston Gates. BETLOW is a lordship within the hamlet. The area is 2138 acres and the population including Gublecot and Betlow is 502.


Wilstone is a small hamlet and chapelry to Tring. Straw plaiting is the principal employment of the females there. The chapel which formerly stood there was destroyed by the Parliamentary army under Cromwell. The principal landowners are Baron Lionel de Rothschild and James Grange. The area is 690 acres and the population, including Little Tring and Tring Ford is 537.

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