How the Glassers came to Wilstone

Harry Glasser moved to Wilstone in 1938. Harry was brought up in London but was a ‘country boy at heart’.

After working for a poultry farmer in Bromsgrove, he decided to set up on his own, saw an opportunity to buy a smallholding by Paddock Cottage, Wilstone and bought the property by bidding at an auction.

Harry married his wife Inger soon after the war started. Inger was an Austrian citizen and though she was classified as a ‘Friendly Alien’, they had to get special permission from the Colonel of the local Home Guard to get married. Harry’s son Michael recalls his father saying that he felt that coming to Wilstone was like ‘moving into paradise’.

Harry’s first move into business was free range poultry farming and he was soon producing millions of eggs which went to Deans Eggs at Gubblecote for packaging. During the war Harry gained a high level of expertise producing animal feed for his own poultry and soon after he began supplying this to other local farms.

The success of this move led to the construction in Wilstone of Glasser’s mill in the early 1960s and Harry and Inger’s sons, John and Michael, joined in the running of the business. For a time in the 1990s, Glassers were the largest producer of organic food in the UK but it was not to last. The Glasser family had the foresight to see that farms were becoming larger and fewer and most were able to produce their own animal feed. The business was closed down in a planned way, thus avoiding the inevitable decline.

But the contribution to Wilstone village life made by the Glasser family over more than 50 years will not be forgotten.

For more detailed information and the family recollections of wartime life in Wilstone, read ‘Finding Paradise in Wilstone

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  • Sue Gascoine


    It’s Aways Good To Know The History Of The Area You Grew Up In !! My Late Husband Told Me Much About Local History He Said It Was Important To Know Where You Come From !! So Thank You For Sharing About The Glasser !! It Was Really Interesting !!

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