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The History of Puttenham – A Savage Review

This is a review of a book that was published 85 years ago and has almost certainly never been reviewed before. It was written by a man who was a leading character in Long Marston during World War II and the years before and after. He was the Headmaster of Long Marston School, Gordon Savage.

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The Saviour of Puttenham Church

After sharing memories with two residents of Puttenham, one person stands out as a character and a benefactor to the village. We therefore decided that this person, Joan Newman, who died over twenty years ago, deserves a separate tribute, based on the facts that we have been able to establish.

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Christine Rutter and Joan Newman working together at a Church function

Handed Down History from Puttenham

This article describes how Christine Rutter, who lives in Astrope Folly, Puttenham, has become an important source of the history of the village. This has been achieved by collecting documents and photographs and combining these with personal memories of past conversations with the characters who made the community what it is today.

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