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The days of Currying Flavour in Long Marston

This article covers an episode in the history of Long Marston that doesn’t go back as far as some other recent interviews; it covers the time in the 1990s when the Queens Head became well known as ‘The Curry Pub’, attracting people from far and wide to the village. The landlord from this time – Simon Sturt – shares fond memories of his time as landlord.

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Eddie Clarke Great Grandfather

Long Term in Long Marston

This article follows an interview with long term Long Marston resident, Eddie Clarke and his wife Rose, describing how Eddie’s family’s connections with the village extend back to the 19th century and how farming was such an important part of his life in the post war period.

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Long Marston School

Long Marston History – even further back in time

This is a unique transcript of an interview with Don Winfield, one of the few people old enough to remember our villages before the Second World War. Don has spent his whole life in Long Marston and his directly quoted words tell their own story of the village over time.

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