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The History of the Wilstone Farm Shop

The Mead family have been farming in and around Wilstone since before 1860. Originally the Mead’s came out of London to produce hay and straw for the working horses of the city. Simon and Chris are the sixth eneration and things have changed a lot.

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The Old Slaughter-House, Long Marston

During the 1800’s, the Gregory family lived at The Rose & Crown Inn in Long Marston (now The Rose and Crown Cottage), and the far left-hand end of the building was used as a butcher’s shop, with the old wooden garages (as they are today) being used as the slaughter house.

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Finding Paradise in Wilstone

This article is based on an interview with Michael Glasser, a long term resident of Wilstone who has fond memories of the village during and after the Second World War. The conversation also covers the growth and eventual closure of the family’s poultry farming and animal feeds businesses, which were a feature of the village during the latter part of the twentieth century.

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The Woodmans at Great Farm circa 1900

The Woodmans at Great Farm

A bureau bookcase was seen crossing the meadow. This particular piece of furniture has been taking up too much room at Simon and Jenny’s for 20 years. In 20 minutes it was on the van and into our sitting room. Luckily it came apart. I noticed that inside the base there were definite signs of gnawing.

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