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Flying High with the Horti

I was delighted to be the instigator of Pat Carty’s visit to Long Marston on 21st April. Though all I did was pass on his email address following the articles about Pat that we produced for our website.

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The Life and Times of a Remarkable Survivor

Most of the early work on our new local history website – – has focused on the 20th century and in particular World War II. A number of stories mentioned the use of the local Airfield by the American Airforce and the impact on our communities at the time.

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Cheddington Airfield – A Lifetime Passion

This article follows on from our website’s recent review of Pat Carty’s book – Secret Squadrons of the Eighth – by interviewing the author and finding out more about the motivation that led to such a well-researched publication. The interview with the author also leads to some interesting new facts about the occupation of Cheddington Airfield during the Second World War.

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Secret Squadrons of the Eighth by Pat Carty

This is the first of a number of book reviews to be posted on; yet another example of our desire to share local history. The reviews are intended both to share knowledge and to encourage others to read the chosen books.

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Good Old Days

Excerpts from a transcript of the tape by Arthur Reeve (1907-1989) relating to Marsworth Airfield. The tape was produced in November 1984 by Arthur Reeve of Townfield Farm and Joan Dutton of Vicarage Road, Marsworth.

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